Halloumi Treat – 316 cal

Okay, so Halloumi Cheese isn’t the best thing when you’re on a diet. Any cheese is going to be high in fat, and therefore, high in calories. But if you partake carefully and combine it with a simple salad, you could get away with it for a perfect snack. I love this salty, chewy, slow to melt cheese that originated in Cyprus, on BBQ or my firepit grill. I was introduced to it as a snack by my Greek/British/Canadian son-in-law who serves it whenever you visit (thank God!).  If you cook over a stove you want to use a grill with ridges so you get that charbroiled look and taste. 100grams counts in at 316 calories so make the slices about 1 oz each. Thicker slices work best, so cut them about 1″ square.


1 package Halloumi cheese of your choice (Greek brands are better than local, so splurge and get a good one) Some of the local ones come flavoured (Herb & Garlic, etc.), so it’s up to you. I prefer the natural.

1 package Naan or other flatbread. I use Lebanese Pita bread in the picture

2 ripe tomatoes (don’t scrimp on hot house, get as fresh as possible; it’s half the taste. And never refrigerate!)

balsamic glaze for topping

salt and pepper to taste (halloumi is already salty so be careful here. Put salt on the tomato, not the cheese)



  1. cut pita or naan bread into triangles about 2″ wide on the bottom of the triangle
  2. cut 1/8″ slices of tomato (enough to put one slice on each triangle)
  3. salt and pepper to taste (on the tomato)
  4. drizzle balsamic glaze over the cheese
  5. Build each triangle with pita on bottom, followed by tomato, salt & pepper, cheese, and finally glaze

To cook the cheese, heat a grill to 400 degrees. If using a ribbed pan, melt butter in pan till bubbling. Place the 1″ square, 1/2″ thick slices of cheese on the grille and leave for 3 minutes. Flip over and cook till both sides have the grilled look and are burnt where ribs touch the cheese. Serve immediately.


This and other recipes are suggested for men following the Dad’s Diet strategy (copyright 2021). They are also served at the Artichoke Hart restaurant (New York Fried, copyright 2016) and sometimes served by 5-star chef London Cartwright (Menu of Passion, copyright 2017).

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