What happens when North Korea decides to invade America?

"An explosive treatment of a complex subject that is well explained, with terrific characters."

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About New York Fried

Foreign delegates descend upon a small town in upstate New York to view the next big thing.  It allows nationwide access to the internet, without cable, phone lines, or wireless towers. And it's virtually free!

Some seek to license it. Others want to steal it.
But the Koreans have a much bolder plan.

A former CIA staffer turned chef is unwittingly charged with preventing America's first nationwide blackout and subsequent invasion.

And his recipe is to die for!

About Robert

Robert’s debut thriller New York Fried was an instant hit with readers, garnering multiple 5-star reviews. He has gone on to create Sunao International Publishing, assisting other authors realize their creative dreams, while pursuing his next novel, The Security. Robert currently lives in Southern Ontario writing and working in real estate.


Work in Progress

It was a proven plan.
Kidnap yourself and have your husband pay.
Everyone was in on it, except…the security.

From Savannah, Georgia and Hilton Head Island, the reader experiences a fast-paced ride to Sint Maarten, St. Barths, and Shell Island, where the reclusive Dutchman rules his kidnapping operation with a decisive hand.

Recipes from the Artichoke Hart

As part of the research for New York Fried, Robert expanded his culinary experiences by creating enticing and tasty dishes for visiting international delegations throughout the book. Here are the recipes that wowed the crowd!


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