If you forgot everything, you'd start over.

But what if your past threatens to destroy
everything you've rebuilt?

And what if you don't know why?



About Soul Survivor

Eleanor is in a plane crash and loses her memory. A fellow survivor helps her piece things together until the pieces start turning into something sinister. Why was she on that plane? Why doesn’t she remember anything before the crash? And why do people keep calling her Eleanor?

About Robert

Robert’s debut technological thriller New York Fried was an instant hit with readers, garnering multiple 5-star reviews. His current psychological thriller, The Security, topped the charts within twenty-four hours of launch.

Robert currently lives in Southern Ontario.

It was a proven plan.

Kidnap yourself and have your husband
pay the ransom.

Everyone was in on it, except...


Work in Progress

Artichoke Hart is caught overseas when the Covid-19 novel corona virus first hits but he is quickly embroiled in a domestic adventure that takes him to the middle of the Arizona desert and what seems to be an attempt to put people on the moon to escape the deadly disease.

 Artichoke Hart and the DAD's DIET recipes

DAD'S DIET is a weight-loss book written just for men. The following are recipes that fit the strategy,
all perfected in the fictional kitchen of The Artichoke Hart (New York Fried)


Elevated Chicken – 350 cal

You hear me talk about “elevated chicken” a lot. That’s because it’s our go-to quick, easy, low calorie meal that makes us feel like we’re eating gourmet. The idea is to take one chicken breast (cut in two), add one potato (half each), some kind of veggie, and a different sauce each time. Presentation is…

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The Rapid Read Library

Other books by Robert J. Morrow designed as quick reads. Featuring Real Estate investment strategies,
self-help guides, and, short romance novellas. 

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Sold Strat 2016
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