The Security

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Published by: Sunao International Publishing
Release Date: October 10, 2019
Pages: 342
ISBN13: Paperback: 9781790444816 Ebook: 9780463052099

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Benny's wife has been kidnapped.

Benny is very rich but he won't be paying a ransom.

Instead, he dispatches his mistress to a tropical island, as security...

In case the wife comes back.


The Security is a fast-paced, action-filled psychological thriller told from the viewpoint of the mistress as she becomes a pawn in a game between husbands and wives, government agencies, and one determined serial killer. With plenty of twists and surprise revelations, the story races along to an unexpected conclusion.



"... a psychological thriller, it is fast-paced and an easy read... the characters are well developed and likable. There is a twist to the story at the end (no spoilers here) that amused me. Perfect for beach or travel reading, it's easy to get absorbed in the story. Romance, exotic locations, perfect escapism reading. I can absolutely see this one as a movie."
Reviewed by Kathy Nester, ReedsyDiscovery


"The Security by Robert J. Morrow is a rush in every way. Once you start reading it, if you can put it down, you'll be rushing back to it first chance you get. If you love wealthy lifestyles, exotic venues, and glamorous people, you'll get a rush from reading about Natalie, a very rich man's mistress; Emma, the rich man's showcase wife; and Drew, who is connected to both in a way you won't expect, along with how and where they all hook up. And if you get a rush from sinister, cruel, deranged killer kidnappers who resurface just when you think they're dead, well, like I said, you're in for a real rush when you read this psychological thriller.

Most of the action takes place on fancy boats and tropical islands, all excellently described by the author. Don't be surprised if you find yourself wishing you could join Natalie for a cocktail with one of those colorful plastic umbrellas in it while you take in beautiful views of lush greenery and the sparkling ocean. But you really wouldn't want to be least not under the circumstances in which Natalie ultimately finds herself: a prisoner and pawn in a greedy, evil game that ultimately involves both the FBI and the CIA. Between the picturesque settings, the intriguing characters, the various unscrupulous motivations and more unexpected twists - especially at the end - than one usually gets in thrillers, Robert Morrow has crafted an absorbing story that borders on unbelievable but yet is entirely possible. Enjoy the rush!"
-Reviewed By Viga Boland for Readers' Favorite

"The Security by Robert J. Morrow is a compelling thriller involving kidnapping. Benny is a very rich man and his wife has just been kidnapped or has she? He knows this is for a ransom and Benny is determined he is not paying any ransom to anyone. So he sends his mistress off to a Caribbean island so she is not targeted. However, there is a lot happening that Benny doesn't know: the FBI, CIA, and his wife have connived to hire The Dutchman to handle the transaction. But can The Dutchman be trusted? He is about to execute a plan that no one saw coming.

The Security is a riveting story that explores greed and kidnapping, a narrative with sophisticated characters and good plot points. The story has an intriguing premise; the kidnapping of the wife of a rich man gives a lot for readers to ponder. But in Robert J. Morrow's masterful novel, nothing is what it seems. The twist in the story is mindblowing. The characters are well-developed and they are both emotionally and psychologically rich. The use of situational irony is brilliant and it adds to the entertaining strength of the narrative. Benny truly believes that his wife has been kidnapped but the reader doesn't trust the wife and the expert hired to handle the transaction operates with duplicity that is carefully veiled and can hurt everyone soon. The chapters are well written with scenes that are focused and beautifully crafted. This is a novel with a huge potential to entertain readers."
-Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite


The Dutchman watched the waves as they pounded the shore, curious as always with the destructive power wielded by something that appeared so soothing and beautiful. Controversies in nature intrigued him, as did all things he couldn’t control; there were so few of them.

The tropical sun beat down as he shifted his gaze to the rocks below the cliff he was standing on. The Caribbean Sea and its endless need to pound his island and reshape the contour of the shoreline brought a smile to his weathered face.

His thoughts wandered to images of how, in the movies, a body falling from a cliff top would unceremoniously bounce on the rocks and spin a couple of times in the air before disappearing into the sea.