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Books by Robert J. Morrow

“The Security” now available for pre-order!

Now you can pre-order the next standalone novel from bestselling author, Robert J. Morrow. To be launched October 10/19, this fast-paced psychological thriller features a female lead and a cast of antagonists, all with their own agendas. Be the first to read it. Order today. You’ll receive your copy immediately upon release. To read an…

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Devil's Run unites three books in series in paperback

Announcing the launch of “Devil’s Run”, all three of the Devil’s Run series in one volume, in trade paperback. The book unites “Sympathy for a Devil”, “Devil in Disguise”, and “Devilish Behavior”, previously published as ebooks on Kindle. About the book: “Peyton Dupris is a typical politician… He lies. But what he’s lying about is…

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Trinidad Tryst: Book 2 in the Menu of Passion romance series

London Cartwright is a Michelin-rated 5-star chef. But she’s lost her touch, so the owner has sent her away to find herself, find inspiration, re-kindle her passion for food…and maybe get passionate about other things along the way. In Book 1, she finds inspiration in Scotland (and Ian). In Book 2, she finds passion in…

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Debut Romance "Highland Hiatus"

  The Menu for Passion series is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. Though not what I want to be known for (thus the pen name), it is fun to be involved with. They are short novella’s and can be read in a couple of hours. The plan is to have several in…

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Official launch of my debut novel!

After seven years of effort, my debut novel is finally here. New York Fried, the first in the Tales of the Artichoke Hart series, is a spy thriller full of international intrigue, suspense, character shenanigans, and a little humour. You can get a digital copy right now, immediately downloadable, to read on your Kindle, smartphone, tablet…

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Investing in Student Housing

  If you have extra investment money and you’re looking for a secure, high return vehicle, then grab a copy of this book. A REALTOR(R) who has bought and sold over $15 million dollars worth of student housing shows you exactly how to pick the right house, at the right time, for the right price.…

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