Soul Survivor

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Published by: Sunao International Publishing
Release Date: November 16, 2021
Pages: 297
ISBN13: 979-8756604474

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What happens when you forget everything? What would you do if you suddenly had no memory, no knowledge of who you are and the realization that no one is coming to find you?

Eleanor Collins has been in a plane crash and is suffering amnesia. Only five passengers survived and two have since died. One of the remaining survivors is alone too and he becomes Eleanor's lifeline to a new kind of future.

Resigned to a life where her past doesn't exist, Eleanor forms a bond with the surviving passengers and they begin to live normal lives.

But when Eleanor begins to experience blackouts, and mysterious people try to harm her, memories start to slowly return. And what she recalls shocks her core and questions her very existence. Everything she thought was normal was actually an elaborate scheme to get her to remember the past: a past that would likely get her killed.




Reviewed By Susan Sewell for Readers’ Favorite
Three survivors of a plane crash who suffer amnesia have built a happy and productive life together until someone from their forgotten pasts attempts to kill them in the suspenseful psychological thriller, Soul Survivor by Robert J. Morrow. Eleanor, Jacob, and Rachel are the only surviving victims of an airplane crash. Neither Eleanor nor Jacob recall anything from their pasts, and even their names and addresses are alien to them. When no one comes forward to identify them after their plight is televised, Jacob adopts six-year-old Rachel, whose parents died in the crash. Eleanor moves in with them when she is released from the hospital, and together the three create a family. But years later, when Rachel and Eleanor visit Washington, Eleanor begins experiencing odd incidents that stir up disturbing memories. Now someone wants her dead. Who was Eleanor? Why are they after her now?

Soul Survivor by Robert J. Morrow is a thrilling mystery novel filled with drama and suspense. With compelling characters and a riveting storyline, it is an exciting page-turner. Jacob is my favorite character, and I was intrigued by his history. From the beginning, he is so enigmatic and appealing, I had to wonder what he was hiding. It is an exhilarating story, where suspense and danger combine, rising and building to a spine-tingling finale. I was impressed with how beautifully the story is written and how smoothly the pacing flowed. It is a gripping novel that will intrigue those who love thrillers swathed in mystery and charged with suspense and psychological twists.

Reviewed By Trudi LoPreto for Readers’ Favorite
Soul Survivor by Robert J. Morrow centers around Eleanor, Jacob, and young Rachel; the only survivors of a deadly plane crash. Eleanor wakes up in the hospital and cannot remember who she is, what happened to her, and she is scared and alone. Jacob also has no memory of the man he was before the crash. Rachel is scared, alone, and remembers being on the plane and seeing her parents die. The three form a bond; each needing the other for support and encouragement. As they all heal and leave the hospital, they move in together and become a real family happily living their new lives. But there is trouble ahead when they both slowly start to remember. This puts them in danger and all they now have in jeopardy.

Soul Survivor is a suspenseful psychological thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat and reading well into the night. I cannot tell you any more because it would be a really big spoiler. I can, however, tell you this is a must-read; you will not be sorry. Dare to Breathe is a strong story with believable, likable characters and a plot that moves quickly and never loses your attention. Robert J. Morrow has written an awesome book and he will quickly become one of your favorite authors. It was impossible not to like Eleanor and Jacob and always be on their side through the good and the bad. Please do not pass up Soul Survivor; it is a winner.

Reviewed By Peggy Jo Wipf for Readers’ Favorite
Soul Survivor is a riveting thriller that will take your breath away. Robert J. Morrow begins the novel with Eleanor Collins waking up in a hospital after her plane crashed. She remembers nothing, but they consider her the lucky one. There were two other survivors and their memories of this horrific accident haunt them. Jacob only has a glimpse of his childhood, but his mind has blocked off chunks of his past that it isn’t ready to accept or reveal. Rachel is just a young girl and her memories are so vivid she remains speechless for months. Together for five years, these three make up a family that no one else has stepped forward to claim. When Rachel’s aunt asks for a visit, Eleanor and Jacob find this fishy. The trip triggers a reaction no one expected and their pasts collide with who they are now.

Robert J. Morrow is a master as he orchestrates a story that rotates from the present lives of the characters to their past. Soul Survivor appears to start slowly, but the author is skillfully positioning layers of deceit and information that play a major part in the finale. Pieces fall into place as he unravels the puzzle. It impressed me with the tiers of connection Eleanor, Jacob, and Rachel had and the intensity with which everyone around them fought to keep it hidden from them. Overall, this novel is fascinating in a mesmerizing way. The political twist gives it a realistic vibe so that you feel this could be a movie. I loved the ending and would highly recommend this book to my friends.


All I could see was white light; blinding white light, so bright it hurt.

I tried to move my head but it seemed too heavy or was restrained somehow. Either way, it took too much effort to move, so I stopped trying.

I felt a prick in my arm and flinched. All of a sudden an incredibly bright pink flash invaded my brain, but just as quickly it subsided somewhat to a bright white again. Fear took a brief hold but then, just as suddenly, the bright light diminished slightly replaced by a calm grey hue. I slowly opened my eyes, feeling a gewey substance fighting the release of my eyelids. I willed them to separate and tried to raise my eyebrows to help.

“Ahhh!” The bright light flashed again and the intense needle-like pain returned. I felt a hand on my shoulder and as if heat radiated from it, the color eventually changed to the calming grey again, and the pain seemed to vacate my mind.


The voice was quiet, male, and seemed to be connected to the hand on my shoulder since it shook me gently as he spoke.

This time when I tried opening my eyes, the gew released my lids and I began to see something other than grey. After a moment, I could make out a creamy ceiling. Suddenly a head came into my vision, leaning over her and filling my view.

“Eleanor, I’m Doctor Jefferson,” the man said, his gaze engaging me. I felt dozy. But I wanted to know what was happening, and this man seemed to be in a good position to answer. His voice was soft and gentle.

“Wh..who are you?” I said, surprised my voice was groggy and seemed to come from deep inside.