How to Sell Your Home Privately in Canada

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Release Date: November 27, 2018
Pages: 191
ISBN13: 978-1790312061


Want to sell your home in Canada?Don't read US texts. The info is often useless, even illegal in Canada.Learn how to access the MLS system without hiring an agent.Learn how to prepare your house to achieve the fastest and highest priced sale.Learn how to stage your house without spending thousands of dollars. Using commons sense and a few tricks of the trade will ensure Buyers will flock to your negotiating table.Learn how to manipulate the Canadian real estate monopoly and SAVE THOUSANDS IN COMMISSIONS!


Location, location, location! Oh, and timing… pricing…and personality…

So why don’t private sale, For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO) homes sell?
And if they do, why do they often sell for much less than the asking price?

The only private sale homes that sell quickly are those that are in the right location, up for sale at the right time of year, and are priced correctly. You also throw in another important factor: the owner knows how to sell.
For example…
The best private sale I have witnessed was a home on the main street of our town. The owner was a local retailer. Let’s call him Fred.

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