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Archive for March 2017

Why are house prices going so high?

Comparing the inventory today to that of 10 years ago is sobering. The lack of inventory – often cited as a reason for skyrocketing prices – hit a very real and, perhaps concerning, low last month. That has one association calling the situation a crisis “February data demonstrates, quite clearly, that our housing supply crisis…

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Veal Scallopini Fettuccine

Sometimes you just visualize something that you haven’t seen before and based on your knowledge of what does and should go together, you create something special. This dish is one such experiment and it was amazing! INGREDIENTS 2 fillets of veal scallopini, cut into long, 1/4 strips long shaved strips of carrot fettuccine cooked al…

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Hamilton home values increase by 19+%

Continued heat in the Toronto market has pushed Canada’s average house resale price to a new February record. The Teranet-National Bank Composite HPI jumped almost 1 per cent from January, the largest rise in 18 years, while Toronto saw an increase of almost double the national average (1.91 per cent). Toronto’s gain over 12 months…

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