Dad’s Diet: A Weight-Loss Strategy for the Man of the House

Dad’s Diet, A Weight-Loss Strategy for the Man of the House

Men don’t think about dieting much.But once we pass adolescence, settle down in a new career, new family, new lifestyle….we put on a few pounds. Our spouses are constantly dieting but we, as men, don’t think about it much. Sure, we want to lose a few pounds. But do we have to do it the same way our women do, constantly buying new books, watching endless videos, going to meetings? No, that would be unthinkable. There is too much work to do; too much sports to watch. In this (very small) book, you’ll learn to lose weight without exercising (Yes, it’s true!)…You’ll learn how to order in a restaurant…You’ll learn how to eat what you always eat…just differently, And best of all, you’ll lose weight quickly, easily, and without making a career out of it! This book is a must for men who have gained weight during Covid. With no exercise and no diet changes, it’s simple and effective.

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