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Scallops on a bed of Cauliflower Rice in a Cucumber/Mint Sauce

Sounds fancy but it’s very simple really. Artichoke Hart was asked to come up with a low-calorie gourmet meal for the Scandinavians and this was the result. (New York Fried, Sunao Publishing 2019). Cauliflower Rice is simply finely chopped cauliflower (duh!). The sauce uses a simple yogurt base with chopped mint and cucumber added. And…

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Caramelized Scallops with Fresh Green Pea Vinaigrette

I’m always on the lookout for a new way to cook and present scallops. This one was definitely different. The olive oil-soaked peas and crystallized scallops were a perfect combination. All we had with it was crusty bread and a complementary dip. Delicious. INGREDIENTS Pea Vinaigrette: 1 cup fresh peas kosher or large sea salt…

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