Did you put on weight during the pandemic?

If you’re like me, when the pandemic hit, all my physical activity came to a halting stop. And with nothing else to do, I drank a little (okay, a lot) more. Two months into the lockdown, I’d gained five pounds; another two months and I’d added another five.

If this reminds you of someone then I’m here to tell you there is a simple solution.


Okay, not a word men use often. And I understand. But I had to solve my problem and I think I found a great way to do it. In fact, I was so successful, I wrote a book about it.

“I don’t read books,” you say.

Okay, I made it an ebook so you can read it in bed while your wife or girlfriend is sleeping.

Or, better yet, I made it an audiobook too, meaning you can pop it on while you’re driving in the car (we can do that again, right?) Don’t worry, it’s a really short book (2 hours to listen roughly) and you don’t have to memorize anything.

In fact, you don’t have to change anything you’re doing right now. Not really. You don’t need to exercise any more than you do now (if any), and you don’t have to change your menu (what you eat every day).

You just have to look at it a little differently.

While our wives and girlfriends look for the books, videos, group classes on new diets…. and discuss it with their friends every chance they get, you don’t have to do that (other men won’t listen anyway). Just read the book (or listen), understand the common sense involved. And start losing weight now!

Don’t believe me? 

At age forty-five, I gave up my job as an editor at a local newspaper chain and founded a local martial arts school.  I had been training in Taekwondo, off and on, since my teens and had earned my black belt later in life. It had been a life-long dream to teach and I was ready to make it my career. Taekwondo practitioners are, for the most part, very healthy, very fit individuals. They are rarely overweight (after a few months of training) and usually don’t have to worry about what they eat. I was in better shape a year later, at 46, than I had been in my twenties. And I wanted to share that revelation with others my age. I realized, however, that most men weren’t prepared to work out six hours a day like I did.

Executive Taekwondo was a class I started for men and women over thirty-five who wanted to become healthier, and who didn’t buy into the traditional methods of achieving that goal. Men, in particular, had tried the gyms and the wives’ diets but nothing had worked consistently. The idea of studying a martial art later in life really appealed to them (it was a macho thing, I realize), and I made it easy. If their kids attended, or their wives (tai-chi, Pilates, yoga, etc.) then they could join as a family member. No pressure.

Most of the men who joined hadn’t really exercised for years, had no concept of eating properly, and were gaining weight on an annual basis. The system you will read about was developed during my days teaching this class because it showed me how to take the typical male attitude toward health, fitness, and weight loss and turn it upside down. Most of those men achieved at least a green belt during their tenure and a large majority lost ten to twenty pounds within six months. A handful went on to become black belts and, as far as I know, continue to live healthy, active lives today.

But they weren’t the real successes.

I was most proud of the men who joined for short periods, or showed up for a class about once a month. Even though they attended irregularly, they learned how to lose weight and then maintain that loss through an understanding of what caused weight gain in the first place. These men weren’t fighters or hardcore martial artists. In fact, many of them struggled to meet the requirements necessary to advance through the belt system. They were ordinary husbands and fathers who simply had the opportunity to hear a more clarified message than the ones their wives were absorbing: the fact that weight loss is simply adjusting the ratio of caloric intake against expenditure. In time, many became more concerned about what they were eating and drinking, and adjusted their diets accordingly. Some even showed up for class more often, but even if they didn’t, they all had lost weight and maintained the weight loss indefinitely. They also felt much better about themselves and left the program, happier, healthier, and lighter than when they started.

I ran that class for ten years and hopefully changed a lot of men’s lives. The lessons learned during that experience form the basis of this book. Any man can lose weight… and keep it off. It just takes determination and an understanding that it demands a slight change of lifestyle. That lifestyle isn’t debilitating but little more than a change of attitude. I don’t teach martial arts anymore and I spend most of my time sitting at a desk writing. But I’m still at my fighting weight and am a reasonably fit 60-something.


And it’s all in the book.
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