Fish Filet – 293 cal


Once in a while when I’m driving and feel like treating myself, I’ll grab a Filet Fish from that famous fast food joint. But at 400 calories, it’s a killer for the Dad’s Diet. It’s also unhealthy, having as much fat and other ingredients as a Big Mac.  So, if I really feel the urge for a filet fish, I go home and make one. Half the calories actually tastes better, and is healthier. By exchanging a finishing rub ( I love the Humble and Frank brand) for the crumb coating, and mixing my own tartar sauce, and using a half of a Basa filet, I can cut the meal almost by a quarter, yet it is soooo tasty.

INGREDIENTS (to serve one)

half a Basa filet (if frozen, thaw in refrigerator and dry with paper towel)
2 tbsn mayo
1/4 tsp of yellow mustard
1 sandwich pickle (I prefer Yum Yums)
1 white hamburger bun (sometimes I switch to a Brioche bun for more flavor but that adds up to 100 cals!)
half a slice processed cheese (of course, you could use better quality cheese and cut into thinner slices but speed is of the essence usually when I’m making this sandwich.)


  1. Rub the finishing rub onto both sides of the fish, coating it well. Place in oven at 400 F for 15 minutes
  2. cut up pickle into tiny bits and mix with mayo. Add pepper and mustard and mix.
  3. lather both sides of the bun with the mayo/pickle (tartar) mixture
  4. place cheese on top of fish for last 3 min of cooking
  5. Place fish on bun …. and enjoy!

This and other recipes are suggested for men following the Dad’s Diet strategy (copyright 2021). They are also served at the Artichoke Hart restaurant (New York Fried, copyright 2016) and sometimes served by 5-star chef London Cartwright (Menu of Passion, copyright 2017).

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  1. Bro inlaw on September 7, 2021 at 7:25 pm

    Going to try it but with the fish done in my Joule.

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