Veal Scallopini Fettuccine

Sometimes you just visualize something that you haven’t seen before and based on your knowledge of what does and should go together, you create something special. This dish is one such experiment and it was amazing!


2 fillets of veal scallopini, cut into long, 1/4 strips
long shaved strips of carrot
fettuccine cooked al dente (apx 11 min), drain
1 anchovy, diced (dried on paper towel)
1 tspn capers (dried on paper towel)Cut veal in half inch straps
1/2 tspn sundried tomatoes, chopped finely
3/4 cup tomato sauce (bought or prepared)
1/2 tspn tomato paste
1/4 cup heavy cream (35%)
1/4 red wine (cab or malbec for depth in taste)
five or six grape tomatoes for topping
Parmesan cheese shredded for topping
onion, sliced and diced


Saute onions till golden and remove.
Add 1 tbsn olive oil to pan and briefly saute anchovy, capers, and carrot strips (try to not let them tangle).
Add veal and saute for 2 minutes max
Add tomato sauce, paste, heavy cream, and wine and cook on low heat till warmed
return onions add cooked fettuccine, mix and untangle carrot slices
top with parmesan cheese

Serve with Calabrese bread and oil and vinegar for dipping

These recipes show up now and again in the escapades of Arthur “Artichoke” Hart, the main character in Robert J. Morrow’s Artichoke Hart Adventures series. Click here to view.

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