Sold Strategies: The Cheapest, Safest, and Smartest ways to SELL YOUR HOME in Canada!

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There are only two ways to sell your home in Canada: privately, or via an agent. Sold Strategies shows you how to list your home on the MLS without using an agent. It shows you how to prepare your home to attract the most Buyers. It shows you how to market your home to the most number of people… and much more!

Written by a real estate agent, the information is timely, accurate, and enlightening! If you put up a sign on the lawn, an ad in the paper, and your cell # in the ad…. the odds of selling your home are similar to winning a lottery. To sell privately, you have to know how the system works–so that you can use the system to your advantage.

The first three chapters discuss the cheapest, safest, and smartest ways to sell your home. The last four chapters tell you how to get your home in front of buyers, how to stage it so that it appeals to the majority of buyers, and how to market your home so that agents help you sell it.

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